1. Power Drive
  2. Horizontal Turn Idlers
  3. Take-Up Units
  4. Trolleys
  5. Trolley Hanger & Hooks
  6. Chain
  7. Trolley Load Bars


EMC Solutions standard Drive Unit is a complete component - with 90 degree corner turn track section with a belt driven chain drive sprocket of optional diameter. Standard electric motor is 1/2 HP with fully enclosed 49:1 reduction gear box. Optional size and type motors available. The Standard Drive capacity is 500' or 5,000 lb, live load, whichever comes first, with varied speed ranges, (20 to 1) and are equipped with torque limiter hub for protection against overload.

Drives are available with the following sprocket diameters: 71/4" P.D.; 16 1/4" P.D.; or 251/4" P.D. Multiple drive units may be used in systems where chain pull exceeds the capacity of a single drive unit. Remote SCR adjustable speed motor controls are available for all drives. 180 degree Drives also available.


Exclusive EMC Solutions revolving Flat Face Idler Turns - also complete components - are available with optional 6", 15" & 25" diameter free turning Flat Face wheels and with included track sections in 45 degree, 90 degree, or 180 degree turns. Other degree turns also available, made to order. Standard turns are equipped with bronze oilite bearings for normal usage; or available with Graphalloy bearings needed for use in ovens and other high temperature applications up to 500 degrees.

The special design Idler allows chain to make smooth direction change without binding - eliminates improper meshing of chain into sprocket teeth.


Take-Up Units maintain proper drive chain tension to provide best operation of the entire conveyor system. EMC Solutions offers a choice of three different Take-Ups, which allows selection of the most suitable type for any custom designed system layout! Available are the double 90 degree "U" shape turn (as illustrated, left); a full 180 degree turn unit; and the straight In-Line unit. All types feature convenient tightening screws that enable quidck and simple adjustment to the proper chain tension desired.

Any of these Take-Ups may be positioned anywhee in the conveyor system - wherever most convenient and readily accessible.

Vertical Curves

For systems requiring track inclines and declines, for operating at varied levels - as between floors, for dipping operations, under ceiling storage, etc. applications - EMC Solutions offers track curve sections in optional 15 degree, 30 degree, and 45 degree curves, with 27" radii. Up to 90 degree curves are available on special order.

Manual Systems

Manual systems are available for various applications from $8.00 per foot when few conveyor trollerys are required in a track length. All types of manual systems are available to meet various applications.


T-3D - Two piece "Y" shaped trolley, with hanger hole. Standard ball bearing wheels.
For manual or power systems. Capacity: 65lbs. Wt.: 3/4lb.

T-3P - Same as above, but with high impact plastic wheels with steel eyelet. No lubrication needed. Capacity: 65lbs. Wt.: 1/2lb.

T-3H - Heavy Duty Trolley, same as T-3D, but with heavy duty wheels. Capacity: 90lbs. Wt.: 1lb.


CS-90 - Heavy Duty Track, with 2" x 7/8" reinforcing steel angle welded at top. Wt; 25lbs per 20' section.

CS-6 - Track Connecting inserts

PDF . Trolley, Chain, Hanger & Hooks DIMENSION DOWNLOAD



EMC Solutions Drive Chain is durable steel, heat treated, bright zinc plated, of 1.400" pitch welded link type, ideally suited for multilevel conveyor systems. The working load limit of EMC Solutions chain is 670 lbs. Example: 500' or 5,000 lbs., live load capacity. Slipon connecting "C" Links (CS-3 illustrated) are made of special alloy steel, and are used for connecting sections of chain to obtain precise overall chain length for the particular system. "C" Links are always mounted in trolley, no need to weld shut.LB-91 - Load Bar - Two Trolleys with, connecting plate. Capacity: 110 lbs., Wt.: 2 1/2 lbs.


LB-91H - Load Bar - Two Heavy Duty Trolleys with, connecting plate. Capacity: 160 lbs. Wt.: 3lbs.

LB-93 - Load Bar - Two LB-91 Trolley/Plate units, with connecting plate. Capacity: 210 lbs. Wt.: 6lbs.

LB-93H - Load Bar - Two Heavy Duty LB-91H Trolley/Plate units with, connecting plate. Capacity: 290 lbs. Wt.: 7 lbs.

LB-94 - Load Bar - Two LB-93 Trolley/Plate units with connecting load carrying bracket. Capacity: 360 lbs. Wt.: 12 lbs.

LB-94H - Load Bar - Two Heavy Duty LB-93H Trolley/Plate units with connecting load carrying bracket. Capacity: 500 lbs. Wt.: 15 lbs.

LB-92 - Load Bar - Tubular Load Bar for manual or power systems. Up to 120 lb. capacity. Wt.: 1 lb. See spacing data for trolleys. With swivel pendant.

LB-92A - Load Bar - Same as above, but with rigid pendant